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Trouble with free daily download credits

Are you having trouble with your free daily download credits, or have you not received your free credits for the day?

Before sending us a support request, please make sure you have checked out our help pages on the topic of download credits. Oftentimes, people think there is a problem just because they do not fully understand how the free daily download credits work. The biggest misunderstanding is this:

Free download credits do not accumulate: you receive free credits every day, but you need to spend all of your free credits in order to receive more the next day.

A couple more things to be aware of:

1. Community points are not the same as download credits. Please check out our help pages for more information on how these two systems interact. In brief:
  • You get community points for interacting on the site, which accumulate, and which you never lose.
  • You get a certain number of download credits each day, which are shown next to your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner of the site, and these go down every time you download something.
2. Free download credits cannot be used to download full kits or bundles: the way works is that you get one free kit download when you join the site, and after that you get free download credits every day which you can use to download individual assets and templates. To unlock unlimited full kit downloads you need to subscribe to the site. We'd love to provide unlimited free kit downloads for everyone, but because of the large file sizes that would be prohibitively expensive for us (we pay a fee every time someone downloads an item from our site)--not to mention that we have to support ourselves and our designers somehow :) . 

3. Your free download credits should be topped off every night around 3:00am (in other words, three hours after midnight). Make sure to set your time zone on your account settings page for this to work correctly. Note that this is not an exact time: your download credits may be topped off any time between 3:00am and 5:00am.

4. And once again: free download credits do not accumulate: you receive free credits every day, but if you do not spend your free credits every day, you will not receive more the next day. So you need to spend all of your free daily credits every day in order to receive more the next day. Please see the help page for more information.

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