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  1. Are the elements/papers/kits on printable?

  2. Change email address associated with your account

  3. Clicking "Purchase" is not taking me to PayPal

  4. Do bonus download credits expire?

  5. Does a commercial use subscription include personal use?

  6. Free Digital Minikit download not working

  7. General tip to fix many problems: update or reset your web browser

  8. How do I download the weekly free mini kit from

  9. How does work?

  10. How does the monthly billing cycle work? When does the month begin and end?

  11. How to cancel your download subscription

  12. How to re-download an item

  13. How to update your billing/payment information

  14. How to upgrade from pu subscription to cu subscription?

  15. How to upgrade subscription from monthly to yearly payment?

  16. I want to sell a kit that uses graphics, but I'm not sure if it fits with your TOU.

  17. Is there a way to request specific designs/themes from designers?

  18. License/Terms of Use

  19. May I use your items to decorate mugs/clothing/accessories/etc that I sell on Zazzle, or in my Etsy store?

  20. Not receiving welcome confirmation email

  21. Not seeing images on

  22. Payment declined

  23. Purchase unlimited downloads

  24. Rotating Your Profile Photo

  25. Subscriber and Patron status explained

  26. Subscription unexpectedly canceled

  27. Trouble downloading

  28. Trouble logging in

  29. Trouble opening downloaded files

  30. Trouble resetting password

  31. Trouble with free daily download credits

  32. Unlimited downloading privileges removed immediately upon subscription cancellation

  33. What is Digital Scrapbooking?

  34. What software should I use for digital scrapbooking?

  35. Where can I find my download / purchase history?

  36. Where can I find my Wish List?

  37. Where can I find/browse items that I have "hearted"?

  38. Why can't I download full kits/bundles?

  39. Why is Pixel Scrapper now

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