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Why can't I download full kits/bundles?

The way works is that you get one free kit download when you join the site, and after that you get free download credits every day which you can use to download individual graphics. To unlock unlimited full kit downloads you need to subscribe to the site.

We'd love to provide unlimited free kit downloads for everyone, but because of the large file sizes that would be prohibitively expensive for us (we pay a fee every time someone downloads an item from our site)--not to mention that we have to support ourselves and our designers somehow :) . 

If you are interested in unlocking unlimited kit downloads at please visit .

You can download full kits over time using your free daily download credits by viewing a kit and clicking on the "see more" link under the individual items listed, which will take you to a page where you can see and download all the individual graphics that have been uploaded for that kit. See this screenshot: .

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