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Clicking "Purchase" is not taking me to PayPal

If you are attempting to purchase a subscription via PayPal, and clicking on the "Purchase" button at the end is not taking you to the PayPal website to complete payment, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure that popups are not blocked in the browser that you are using, as the PayPal website will attempt to open in a new window.

2. Wait a few moments after you click the "Purchase" button, as it sometimes takes a little while for the PayPal website popup to load.

3. Make sure that the PayPal window is not opening behind your current window. Try minimizing your current browser window to make sure that the PayPal website popup is not hiding behind it, which sometimes happens.

If all else fails, try using a different web browser (just to complete the checkout process).

This will almost always solve the problem. We've found that Firefox has the most problems with checking out, and recommend using Google Chrome. If you don't have another web browser installed, you can download one for free here.

Just log in to using the new browser, and visit to try checking out again.

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