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How to upgrade from pu subscription to cu subscription?

If you would like to switch your unlimited downloads subscription from personal use to commercial use, please follow these steps.

How to change your plan:

You can upgrade by paying the difference between the personal use and commercial use subscriptions. You will be credited for all remaining time in your personal use subscription.
  1. Log into your account at .
  2. Click on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (see screenshot for help).
  3. Click on the "manage subscription" link underneath your big profile picture on your user account screen (see screenshot for help).
  4. Click on the "change plan" tab (see screenshot for help).
  5. Select the plan that you would like to change to, and confirm your change.

Notes about changing plans:

When you upgrade to a plan that costs more than your current plan, the upgrade will take place immediately, and you will be given credit for any time still remaining on your original plan.

When you downgrade to a plan that costs less than your current plan, the downgrade will take place on your next renewal date.

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