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Trouble opening downloaded files

If you are unable to open a file you downloaded from, or opening the file is generating an error message, please follow these steps:

First: make sure that your computer has software installed which can open the file type in question.

If the file in question is a .psd file, you will need a sophisticated image editor like Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, or GIMP in order to open it. You cannot open psd files in programs like Adobe Reader, PowerPoint, or MS Paint. 

If the file is a .zip or .7z file, the problem could be with your unzipper program. We recommend using 7-Zip for Windows, or Zipeg for Mac. Please try downloading and using one of those programs to open the zipped file. Some unzippers are not sophisticated enough to open all zip files.

More information on the file types that we offer at can be found here.

Second: if it's a zip file, try moving it to your desktop before unzipping it.

There is a known issue with the Windows operating system that prevents files being unzipped if the total file path character count is longer than 255 characters. That means that if you have a zip file in a folder within a folder within a folder within a folder, where the total length of the names of all those folders is fairly long, you may not be able to unzip the file. 

So try moving the .zip or .7z file to your desktop and unzipping it there.

Third: try downloading the file again using a download manager program. 

If you are confident that you have the software you need to open the file in question, but it still won't open, the problem could be that the file was not properly transferred to your computer during download.

Downloading the file again with a download manager program will prevent a lot of common problems that people experience during download, which may result in corrupt files. A good free download manager can be found at .

If charged you your download credits already, you will see a notice that you can re-download the item for free for a few days after your initial attempt. So install a download manager on your computer, refresh the page of the item you wish to download, and try downloading it again with the download manager.

Note that it is very rare for the file on our server to be the problem.

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