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Free Digital Minikit download not working

If you receive the weekly Free Digital Minikit email, and click on the link to go to the webpage, you should see a download link like this on the right-hand side of the page:

If that button is not showing up for you, or clicking on it does not start the download, please follow these steps:

1. Try refreshing the page and clicking on the download button again.

You can generally refresh your browser window by pressing "F5" on your keyboard, or using the "page refresh" icon by the website status bar.

Make sure to WAIT for a bit after you click the button for the download to start (it may sometimes take several seconds to start).

2. Try updating or resetting your web browser.

Many people have issues on that can be resolved by updating or resetting their web browser. Please follow the steps listed on this page.

3. Does the file download, but you're having issues opening it?

If so, please follow the steps listed on this page.

If you are still having problems getting a download to work after following ALL the steps above, go ahead and submit a support request

Contact us using our contact form. Please include the following information in your email:
  • Include a detailed description of exactly what is happening when you attempt to download a file. 
  • If you are seeing any error messages or the like, please include a screenshot.
  • Let us know if this is a new problem, or something that has been happening for a while. Let us know if it is an issue with every file you attempt to download, or just some files (and include links to the files that are not downloading for you).
  • Let us know that you have read this post, and followed all of the recommendations above (such as using a download manager to handle the downloads).

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